Tony’s Backcountry Blend Coffee
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How do people blog or write reviews of coffee. “It has a hint of…with notes of…” Sounds like guess work to me!

My review of Tony’s Backcountry Blend is simple. It’s not bad. My rating scale goes like this. It’s not bad or its bad. This coffee is the former.

Perhaps I should explain why I’m going to grinding my own coffee in the first place. Just like millions of others I found the simplicity of Kurieg cups interesting but then quickly finding myself in a crossroads. Composting the kurieg coffee after it’s been brewed is far more difficult. So if you’re anti-recycling then this post isn’t for you. Go ahead and turn your computer off and recycle it at your nearest recycle yard. It’s better that way, I promise.I think Thurston County has something in the water because ever since I’ve moved here I’ve been trying o compost everything possible. I’ve always recycled but composting is more of a western Washington program. Anyway, going back to the coffee, using a French press takes all of 3-4 minutes. Boil some water, pour it into the press filled with a scoup of “not bad” coffee, and wait a few minutes. That’s as simple as it needs to be.

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