Restoring Old Family Photos
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Originial Military Photo of my Grandpa

Restoring old family photos is easy but takes patience, creativity, and research.

In both my never ending pursuit to both learn new skills and passion for photography, I have certain photos that get stuck in my mind like a catchy song. Sometimes they happen to be family photos that were taken before I was born. I go through our family photo albums every time I’m back at my grandparents house just so I can see these photos one more time.

One trip I decided I wanted to do something special. A scanned a couple of them, found a YouTube tutorial about how to restore old photos and got to work.

Grandpa Military Photo Originial 

I’ll be the first to admit that the colors are not perfect but the colors bring new life and new meaning to these old photos. In the photo above my grandfather, picture left, leans nonchalantly on a old Army vehicle looking like a certified bad-ass that I know that he is. I did some research into the colors that I used by searching the internet for the WWII military uniforms and vehicles in the picture. I think the colors turned out pretty good but the picture could use a little touch up.

Here is another attempt at restoring an old family photo. This time not quite how I wanted. My grandfather has a very dark tan or is sitting in a shaded area which complicated the restoration of this photo. Finding that perfect skin tone was challenging. Additionally, I feel like the house (which is white in the photo) does not match the wooden door. However, I could not find a family member who knew which house this was for me to choose the perfect color.

I choose these two photos to start with because they have very little in the background. There are several great photos that I’d like to restore but the background is very busy which means a much more time-consuming process and I wanted to learn the process.

However, I also learned that sometimes the photos that mean the most 40 years from now may not be the ones you’d expect.

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